Platform for issuing and trading commodities on the blockchain
Get REAL exposure to some of the world's most traded resources while improving life for millions of farmers in developing markets
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Commodity supply chain in low-trust developing markets

Conversion of local currencies to US$, middlemen and paper-based processes all add to the costs of x-border trading, reducing the profit pool available to commodity producers
High-cost funding
Illiquid assets

Supply chain financing including loans to commodity producers are difficult and too expensive to obtain, due to perceived high risks and lack of reliable risk data
Farmers earn little
but bear most of the risk

Commodity producers including farmers bear the brunt of price shocks. The nature of competition also favors large and downstream players
BinkabiDEX — Exchanges
Barter Block™ — Cross-border trading
Funding and hedging solutions
Commodity tokenization protocol powers a wide range of applications
Supply chain players
Crypto investors
Binkabi creates "digital path" connecting developing markets and solving trust issues
Brings real transformation to the communities we work with
Annual market size
$6 trillions
Global trade among developing countries

10% - 25% of trade value goes to intermediaries
1.8 trillions
Potential Barter Block™ volumes among the 33 largest developing countries

7% - 10% of trade value lost to FX conversion and transfer
Trade Finance
$1.5 trillions
Trade finance gap mainly affects SMEs in developing markets

20%+ interest rate paid by SMEs in Africa
BKBi – A utility token
The Binkabi network is powered by BKBi, a membership and discount token designed to align interests, govern performance and reward active participation of Binkabi members
Platform access
BKBi is required for membership
Airdrop to early adopters to jump start the network
Users are incentivized to form Barter Blocks. Barter Block reward is paid (mined) in BKBi token
Platform fee discount
Perpetual discount on transaction fees.
Max 100% discount with enough BKBi activated
Users need to lock up BKBi during trade. This acts as a performance bond which is linked to reputation rating
2008 - 2011
Quan, Andrew and Manrui worked together in PwC London on
  • 'The day after tomorrow' - PwC global thought piece on the impact of the Financial Crisis.
  • Banking Reform in Nigeria - advised the Central Bank of Nigeria to restructure banking system after the Financial Crisis
    2011- now
    Quan started growmoreX
    • Worked on 30 projects, 100,000 ha+ land across 10+ countries in West Africa and Southeast Asia.
    • Main clients include Diageo, Unilever, Standard Chartered, Olam, IFAD, CIMAF, etc
      2H 2017
      Quan, Andrew and Manrui co-founded Binkabi
      • Commodity tokenization protocol design
      • Barter Block™ cross border trading application PoC
      • BKBi token economics and incentive mechanism
      1H 2018
      Barter Block™
      • Closed alpha testing
      • Partnership with Ecobank and Sterling Bank
      • Partnership with TAK Group and Unity Bank to build the world's first blockchain-based commodity exchange
      • Blockchain-based commodity exchange design
      2H 2018
      Barter Block™
      • Alpha launch - Early Adopters Programme launch (31 July) and live pilot trades (Q4)
      • Continuous system improvements
      • Technical integration with partners
      • Launch of pilots for tokenizing, trading and redeeming commodities in Nigeria
      • Partnership with AFEX Commodity Exchange
      1H 2019
      Barter Block™
      • Full opening of the platform for initial corridors
      • Further pilots for tokening, trading and redeeming commodities
      • Alpha launch for blockchain-based commodity exchange in Africa
        One pager
        Blockchain - Time to get Real
        Manrui Tang
        Co-founder and COO
        Manrui Tang is the Co-founder and COO with overall responsibilities for operations and funding. After graduating from Imperial College and the London School of Economics, Manrui spent 10 years in M&A advisory with PwC and National Grid in the UK where she worked on some of the most high-profile financial services and energy transactions. Manrui is a chartered accountant. In addition to technical expertise, she excels in managing multidisciplinary and multicultural teams to deliver their best.

        Growing up in China, Manrui is the first generation of China's single child regime. In addition to co-founding Binkabi, Manrui is also a mother of two young children.
        David Bonar
        David has over 20 years in corporate finance, tax, and treasury with National Grid in the UK. He was instrumental in structuring of the highly complex, £13.8bn disposal of NG's gas distribution asset in 2016. As Binkabi's CFO, David will design and oversee the implementation of our treasury operations to ensure the system's resilience to support our customers' needs. He has received graduate degrees in physics, math, and computer science after graduating from Oxford University with a degree in law. He is also a chartered accountant. In his free time, David sings in his local community choir.
        Thomas Barker
        Acting CTO
        Graduating from the University of Warwick in 2004, Thomas wrote the words 'Digital money techniques allow creation of unforgeable tokens' in the future research section of his final report. Sadly he is not Satoshi, but does bring with him over a decade of engineering experience within FinTech. Thomas was the first outside technology hire of both P2P lending market Zopa, now valued over £400m, and BullionVault, a retail gold broker with Assets-Under-Management of over $2bn.

        He has been involved in the Ethereum community from the start. Attending every Devcon across three continents, and recently architected a significant smart contracts PoC for a major UK bank.
        Sir Henry Bellingham
        Chairman of Advisory Board, UK MP
        Sir Henry is a current UK MP (Conservative) and the former Minister for Africa. Graduated from Eton College then University of Cambridge (Law), Sir Henry practised as Barrister for 8 years and has been a MP for 24 years. He was appointed a Parliamentary Under-Secretary for 'Overseas Territories, Africa, United Nations, economic issues, conflict resolution and climate change. Henry was knighted at 2016 New Year Honours for his lifetime achievements.
        Vinay Gupta
        Founder of Mattereum
        Vinay Gupta is Co-founder and CEO of Mattereum. He is a leading figure in the blockchain space, having co-ordinated the release of the blockchain platform Ethereum in July 2015. He was also the strategic architect for ConsenSys Systems, a technology hub focusing on the Ethereum blockchain and related applications. He was the architect of the National Blockchain Strategy for Dubai and is a partner at Hexayurt Capital, the technology-focused VC firm behind the Internet of Agreements.
        Scott Nelson
        Founder of Sweetbridge
        Scott Nelson is the Founder and CEO of Sweetbridge, a Blockchain based supply chain economy. Prior to Sweetbridge, he founded and ran a successful freight audit and payment firm that processed more than $7B a year in settlements via automated contracts in Logistics prior to selling the firm to a private equity firm two years ago.
        Arnoud Star Busmann
        Trade and Commodity Finance Blockchain
        As Entrepreneur-in-Residence/Innovation Lead at ING Bank, Arnoud is leading a multi-bank initiative to transform physical commodity trading and financing markets with blockchain-powered platforms. He is collaborating closely with industry-leading financial institutions, trading houses and major commodity producers. Key results include the world's first blockchain crude trade with Mercuria, a spin out of an energy consortium with 9 large players and the soybean trade experiment with Louis Dreyfus Company.

        Arnoud has nearly 20 years of experience in the definition and execution of high value business cases in technology and financial services. With a footprint in consulting, large financial institutions, startups and local companies in the UK, Europe, USA, Asia as well as Australia and New Zealand.
        Alex Bulkin
        Co-founder of Coinfund
        Alex is Co-Founder and Managing Partner at CoinFund LLC. He is a multidisciplinary thinker with a special interest in social and technological innovation. He has 13 years of experience in developing pricing, risk management, and high-frequency trading software at Goldman Sachs. Holding a dual degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from New York University and a Masters Degree in Organizational Psychology from Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon, Alex bridges technological insight with social science and psychology.
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