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Trade finance originators
Originate more business, leave the technology and funding to us
How it works
Blockchain-based lending technology for your trade finance business
Your trade finance network. Digitized.
Set up trade finance facilities on the blockchain; Invite borrowers, their supply chain (buyers, suppliers) and other third parties to collaborate; Interact with your private credit network on a real-time basis.
Fund inventory and invoices.
Inventory and invoices are tokenized once they are validated by a trusted third party like a collateral manager or accepted by debtors. Your loans which have been collateralised by these trade assets are also tokenised, ready to be refinanced.
Settle in digital currencies.
Our platform supports both tokenized fiat or digital currencies; Settle and track your transactions on the blockchain with custodial or non-custodial wallet solutions.
Be at the forefront of commodity trade finance
End-to-end trade finance origination technology
Supply chain assets such as inventory and invoices are tokenised and funded via Binkabi smart contract technology. Built on Ethereum, our technology enables you to be at the forefront of trade finance.
Thriving network
Collaborate with borrowers and third party service providers such as logistic companies and collateral managers. Transact with your network in one place whilst still maintaining your privacy.
Automated on-boarding
Integrated with best-in-class AML, KYC workflows ensuring your business's compliance with relevant law and regulations whilst making it convenient for your network to on-board.
End-to-end trade finance
Start or expand your commodity trade finance business with our end-to-end solution. You can fund inventory, invoices or a trade finance program and settle with either digital or fiat currencies.
Automated collection
Set up financing terms such as loan-to-value ratio and limits so loans could be disbursed automatically. When a financed invoice is settled on the platform, its proceed will automatically set off the loan.
Our technology provides both ease-of-use and security. Your funds are secured in your wallet (hard ware or multi signature wallet) which you only connect to the platform when needed.
Fund your growth
Repackage your loans or invoices and issue notes to raise funding on Untangled Platform. Your tokenised assets make it possible to raise funds at minimal transaction costs.
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