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Digitise your trusted supply chain network
Connect with your suppliers and buyers, receive and agree offers, issue invoices and get paid, all in one place, anytime, any network.
Imagine being able to see all your suppliers in one place and transact with them in real-time. Supply Chain Connect makes its possible. Build resilience and transparency in your supply chain.
Your supply chain network. Digitised
Your private marketplace - offer from your trusted network of suppliers appear here
Connect with your trusted network and view them all in one place
Track the status of all your invoices and purchase orders or create professional e-invoices and purchase orders
Build your own page showcasing your business and products to potential buyers. You will then be able to invite and connect with your trusted network and view their current offers.
Showcase your business online
Use Binkabi mobile app to take a photo of your product for sale, our platform will automatically identify the location of your product, enhancing your offer credibility and helping buyers to seek you out.
If your product is located at one of the accredited warehouse, taking GPS photo will confirm its location.
Once your offer has been created it will appear on the dashboard of your connections.
Just take a photo of your product/shipment to identify your location
Your offer will instantly appear on offer map for your buyers or seller in your network to view
Credible offers
Raise a stand-alone invoice or an invoice automatically generated as a result of a sale of inventory. If Buyer has not been on boarded to Binkabi platform, no problem - Our platform will automatically send them an email guiding them through an easy on-boarding process.

Pay Now: Buyer could pay for the invoice directly on the platform. They first need to create and top up the Binkabi Wallet.

Pay Later: Buyer accepts the invoice but choose to pay later. Once the invoice is accepted it will be tokenized. Selected invoices under supply chain p
Automated invoicing
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