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Build real-time visibility and resilience with inventory live monitoring solution
Corporates, lenders and collateral managers are using Binkabi solution to transform inventory monitoring and financing. No more going to a branch, pushing papers, emails, phone calls - all is coordinated through a single interface.

1. Set up projects and invite your collaborators such as commodity exporters, lenders, collateral managers.

2. Allocate roles segregating between initiator (e.g. commodity trader), approver of transaction (e.g. lender) and executor of inventory movement (e.g. collateral managers).

3. All parties have instant access to live inventory positions on the blockchain.

Each inventory movement is verified against GPS enable photos, enhancing control and assurance of the transaction.
Single view of truth being shared LIVE among project's partners such as company, lender and
View all your projects in one place or zoom into each project to act or to chat with project collaborators
How it works
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Some use cases of our solutions
You would like to monitor inventory levels and condition at multiple locations on a live basis and track them on a map. Collaborate with your supplier to replenish inventory level
Collateral manager / Commodity exchanges
Win more business through technology differentiation. Improve control and assurance of inventory positions for your clients and their lenders. Reduce cost and fraud risks. Help your partners to help you.
You need to have a live, portfolio view of inventory positions. You need to approve, track movement and inventory balance used as collateral for your loan 24/7 from anywhere. You need to monitor collateral valuation to ensure adequate coverage.
Supplier/Physical commodity Traders
Keep track of products at different location as you are aggregating before supplying to a processor or to export. Enhance your credibility with "instant fulfilment" as you put a sale order to the Binkabi marketplace
Your business, your way
Inventory positions are live on the blockchain as soon as a transaction is processed. All your projects arre in one place, accessible from anywhere 24/7 via web or mobile apps
Collaborate with colleagues or partners by just typing in their email to invite them to your project. In-app chat allows you to communicate in real-time
All inventory movements are recorded on the blockchain, permanent and immutable. The platform matches GPS location, further enhancing the validity of transaction
You are in charge
Your live position is only visible to you and your selected partners and colleagues. Extend or limit their access anytime you want giving full control of your business.
Start Today
Our platform is cloud and blockchain-based. Just register online or download our mobile app. Once you are registered just hit 'Subscribe' for Live Inventory Monitoring.
Pay as you go
You only pay for what you used and when you used it. We only charge for active projects and transactions. No contract, no lock-in period.
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