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The fast and secure way to buy or sell commodities or to take out a loan whilst waiting for better prices to sell

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Direct. Instant.
Deal directly with your buyers and contract directly with service providers such as banks, warehouses to settle the trade instantly. Keep more profits to yourself.
Money is safe in the bank whereas commodities are secured in accredited warehouses. Quality and quantity of commodities are guaranteed by licensed commodity exchanges. Blockchain-based escrow account means that you will never be out of pocket.
Fair price because there are many buyers and sellers on the marketplace. Fair transaction fees because they are transparent, low-cost and only charged on success. Fair treatment because your good reputation is rewarded.
How to buy or sell commodities.
Get registered in 3 simple steps and start trading today.
1. Register for free
Sign up online for free. All you need is an email address.
2. Link your bank account
If you have a bank account with one of our partner banks, simply link it to your account. If you don't have a bank account, just open one online, directly from our platform!
3. Verify your ID
Upload your ID and once it is verified you are ready to trade. This is to keep your money and commodity safe.
4. Top up wallet or deposit commodity
As a buyer, you need to top up your wallet. For a seller, you need to deposit commodities with one of our accredited warehouses near you. You now can trade with 'instant fulfilment'.
5. Make an offer or post an order
View the marketplace for a suitable commodity to buy or sell. Can't find what you are looking for? you can post a new order. Trade from anywhere, anytime 24/7.
6. Settle your trade
Send the payment, if you are a buyer, or warehouse receipt, if you are a seller at a click of a button. That's it. We will handle the rest. Arrange pick up of your commodity or check your wallet for payment (typically under 2 mins!)
Commodities to go.
We focus on grains and nuts that can be graded and stored by our warehousing partners
Instant loans. Now
Farmers can borrow instantly, secured by warehouse receipt issued by a licensed commodity exchange
Warehouse receipt financing
Short-term loan secured by warehouse receipt issued by a licensed commodity exchange.

Typical use case: Farmers borrow for next season's planting whilst waiting for better prices to sell their current season's harvest in storage.
Inputs financing
Short-term production inputs loan, typically secured by future harvest.

Typical use case: Loans in-kind so farmers can have quality inputs for growing the next season's crop. Close monitoring of the production process and securing the harvest instead of collateral.
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